Black Ice! Driving tips

Black Ice!

When it’s forecasted for temperatures near freezing, always expect BLACK ICE. Remember bridges and over passes freeze up before and remain frozen longer than other road surfaces. Also don’t don’t forget those shaded areas of road – they can and do hold treacherous ice patches. The following tips are especially relevant to county roads and need to be stressed:

– Be exceptionally wary during early morning and late evening when road icing is most likely to occur.

– Icy sections are most likely to be found on and under bridges, on high sections of roads, at the tops of hills exposed to wind, in valleys and forest, and on roads near rivers, lakes and along foggy areas.

– When driving on a wet road, there is always a strong possibility that black ice may lie ahead.

– Once on an icy section, do not accelerate, brake, gear down or make a sudden change in steering direction. Keep a safe distance from other vehicles.

– If you should get into trouble, try to steer to the edge of the road. Sand and salt from previous road “dustings” may have blown to the road edges by past traffic and will you help you regain control.

– Finally, the best advice for driving in your neighborhood  in the wintertime is the same as it is anywhere – Slow down and drive with care. Driving too fast allows you less time to react and reduces your chances of recovering from a mistake.